All of our Candles are 100% soy, all natural scented and inspired by everything there is to love about Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Lighthouse

Fragrance Notes:
Earthy, Sea Salt, Cedar, Orange Peel & A Hint Of Smoke

"Allow this carefully sourced fragrance to trigger memories of walking the beaches adjacent to the historic Sanibel Lighthouse. Sanibel Island and its iconic Lighthouse will be magnificent again!"


Key Lime Pie

Fragrance Notes:
Lime, Lemon, Vanilla Creme & Graham Cracker

"Get ready to order this quintessential desert at your favorite Island restaurant."


Sanibel Island Retreat

Fragrance Notes:
White Tea, Fig & Ginger

"Take this fragrance journey to the Spa after a long day in the tropical sun."


Tarpon Bay Moonlight

Fragrance Notes:
Patchouli, Lavender, Eucalyptus & Cedar

"The moonlight shimmering on the Bay reflects romance as does this enchanting scent."



Captiva Breeze

Fragrance Notes:
Aquatic Notes, Tropical Orchids, Amber & Musk

"Close your eyes and let this fragrance take you to the Mucky Duck sunset gathering."

Sanibel Sea Shells

Fragrance Notes:
Cardamom, Orange Peel, Sea Salt, Aquatic Palm & Light Musk

"Imagine you are on Sanibel Island, Florida, the shelling capital of the world. Rising in the predawn hours to assure you are one of the first seashell hunters to welcome the aroma and mystic of the tropical salt air while rhythmic sound of the Gulf of Mexico caresses the beach. This must be the day that elusive shell appears!"

Pamela and Tom Stumph on Sanibel Island

Pam and Tom Stumph

The Stumph’s hold a special place in their hearts for Sanibel Island. They intend to work harder than ever to help Sanibel and Captiva make a full recovery.

After hurricane Ian, we faced the arduous task of rebuilding our beloved Sand Castle Gifts, a place that was not just a business but a part of our hearts. While progress has been slow, it is progress nonetheless, and our unwavering commitment to the island and its community remains unshaken. We are dedicated to coming back to Sanibel, to contribute to its continued greatness, and to be a part of the island's remarkable story of recovery and revival.

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Photo Taken On Sanibel Island